Character Creation: Development


How does your character behave? This is very likely the first thing you’ll consider when creating a character of your own. Don’t let yourself stop at basic personality traits! Really think about the little things that build on their characteristics: if you’re creating an over-eager, happy character, consider giving them a loud laugh and/or not be able to sit still. If you’re making a glum character, think about the secret things that bring them joy. Also consider factors like religion, parents, jobs, schooling, and income. These factors can effect the way your character behaves in various circumstances. Little details help characters feel more rounded and real. If you find yourself wanting inspiration, writing prompts are an excellent source of inspiration for artists as well.

Rayne is a fairly sad person. She typically hides behind sarcasm, but is very vulnerable.


A good character backstop will tie in to their current personality. Consider all the joys, disappointments, tragedies, and victories your character experienced in their past. Think about how their relationships, past and present, have altered their worldview. A fully realized backstory builds character depth and relatability. It should explain beyond a doubt why your character is who they are today.

Rayne’s story has a lot of tragedy, so she tends to have very high walls.


What does your character seek in the future? Answering this question will allow you to guide how your character will develop. If your character obtains their goals, will they be better or worse for it? What lessons might they learn along the way? Its possible your character may realize they had the wrong motivation and change their goals. Whatever you decide, keep the goals in mind so you can give your character a satisfying arc and help them move their story forward. You don’t want a character to regress into their past if you can help it. The past informs the present, and the present informs the future. Allowing the character to backslide for more than a few moments of doubt can seriously hurt their arc.

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