About the Artist

Kayla Reighley’s Story

I have loved art since I was 7 years old. I was raised surrounded by my dad’s comic books, my mom’s cake decorating, and the wonderful drawings of a dear family friend. It inspired me to draw on any sheet of paper I was given. I mostly used pencils and colored pencils in the beginning. Eventually, I moved into pens and watercolors. Now, I love to mix media of all kinds. I typically use markers, ink, colored pencil, and watercolor, but I also dabble in oil and digital painting.

I’ve come to love design more than any other aspect of art. I have designed logos, patterns for fabric, and fashion designs. My favorite things to create, though, are characters. I love combining personality, style, color, and expression to create new beings. Over the years, I have developed dozens of characters and alternate versions of my friends and myself. Character design is my absolute passion.

Self Portrait styled like my character, Rayne.

What’s In a Name?

Back in 2006, I fell in love with character creation. The first character I ever created from scratch was a young woman named Rayne. Like many aspects of my over-active imagination, Rayne had a lot going on: she was a part mermaid, part fairy demigod whose soul was contained within a crystal she wore around her neck, and who wanted to defy her destiny to wreak chaos on the world. She begrudgingly teamed up with Jinx and Misty (my 2 best friends’ characters) to stop darkness from taking over the world.

Like I said… it was a lot.

However, Rayne holds a very special place in my heart. She is a character I revisit frequently in my sketch books. Since she’s been such a long-term friend to me, I have named my art galleries and business in her honor.

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Eighth grade art of Rayne and the gang.